Employee Wellness

ASEBP & Homewood Health

When looking at Employee Wellness, PRPS is guided by The Dimensions of Wellness publication from ASEBP which states that:

“Wellness is about the integration of all states of physical, mental and spiritual well-being. Each of the eight dimensions of wellness act and interact in ways that contribute to our quality of life. By focusing on keeping each aspect healthy and vibrant, you’ll witness its impact on your own wellness, that of your workplace and beyond!”

HONE Work+Life

Prairie Rose Public Schools is excited to announce our partnership with HONE Work+Life! HONE is dedicated to bringing Mental Health into the conversation from a work culture perspective and Prairie Rose Public Schools is committed to empowering our leaders in learning how to foster & create safe, supportive work environments where people thrive!

Employee Wellness Resources

Prairie Rose Public Schools is fortunate to have our Division Psychologist, Mr. Greg Godard. Watch these inspiring messages from Greg as we navigate these challenging times together.