Student Support Services

What services does Prairie Rose Public Schools offer?

The Student Services team is responsible for providing a variety of programming supports to students and staff across the school division.  This can include special education supports, counseling, student leadership, early childhood programming, speech and language therapy, social work, psychology and health supports.  For more information about accessing these types of supports, please contact the Director of Inclusion Services.

Prairie Rose School Division works with a number of partner agencies to assist with providing these services.

ESL - Alta Ed Supporting English Language Learners
Alberta Education:  Special Education
Alberta Supports
Internal Student Services Documents: PRSD Staff Only

Kindergarten and Junior Kindergarten Programs

Fees and details regarding kindergarten and junior kindergarten programs can be found here: JK and K General Information

Details pertaining to specific school programs (days, schedule, etc.) can be found here: School Specific JK and K Information

Additional Early Learning Childhood Resources

Preschool Options and Screening Appointment Information

Prairie Rose Public Schools is now accepting preschool students who are 3 years of age as of December 31, 2021.

To determine your child's needs, preschool screenings take place each spring. As part of the booking process, parents will be asked to complete a short questionnaire and then be taken to our online booking appointment software with a list of locations and available appointment times. Screening are completed for the 2021-2022 School year.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why book an appointment?

Prairie Rose School Division offers preschool speech and language screenings around the district to provide parents, educators and health care professionals with valuable information about a child’s development. The screening process enables Prairie Rose to arrange early intervention (programming and support) for children with developmental delays. Screenings are not an assessment and therefore will only be used to identify children who may require further assessment. Children entering a JK/K program are encouraged to be screened prior to attending the program, unless determined otherwise.

Who conducts the assessments?

Trained individuals/professionals will work with the child (ages 2 to 5) and his/her parent(s) to answer a series of questions. The parent stays with the child at all times.

How do the appointments work?

The child may be asked to demonstrate a skill by the parent or the specialist.

Where do the appointments take place?

Screenings will take place at schools in various communities around our region. If unable to attend the screening in one community or if screenings are not being offered at a school, we recommend that parents arrange to attend screenings at the most convenient location.

Family School Liaison Worker Program (Counselling Services)

The Family School Liaison Program provides several roles to Prairie Rose School Division families.

  1. Provide support to students and families who may be experiencing difficulties
  2. To act as a resource and provide a liaison between families and the school system
  3. To provide outreach and resources for families requesting services within the community
  4. To develop or facilitate community education programs based on identified needs.
FSLW Brochure
PAS Brochure
School Counselling Supports - Connecting with School Communities

Contact information for the FSLW Program and the School Psychologist can be found on the Staff Directory page.