Student Registration Guide

Registration for the 2022-2023 school year is now open. Please read the following information for details and instructions regarding our registration process.

Returning Prairie Rose Students

If your child currently attends a Prairie Rose school AND plans to remain with the division next year, parents will be receiving an email at the end of February asking to outline their registration intentions for the 2022-2023 school year. There will be a unique form for each student. Please complete this form when you receive it. If you do not receive and email by mid March, contact your school for assistance.

Preschool screening appointments are now open for children who are 3 years of age prior to December 31, 2022. For details about preschool screenings and to book an appointment visit our Preschool Bookings information page.

Junior Kindergarten (for children ages 3 and 4 - prior to December 31, 2022)
Information regarding dates and times of our Junior Kindergarten program can be found here: 2022-2023 JK Program Information

Kindergarten/Play and Explore Program (for children age 5 - prior to December 31, 2022)
Information regarding dates and time for our Kindergarten program can be found here: 2022-2023 Kindergarten/Play and Explore Program Information

New Prairie Rose Students

If you are registering as a new Prairie Rose student for 2022-2023 and you live inside the Prairie Rose Public Schools attendance boundaries, please use our online registration form: PRPS Student Registration (NEW Students)

New Students - Those who do not reside in the Prairie Rose Public School attendance boundary and plan on attending a regular school program

If you do not currently live within the Prairie Rose attendance area, you are required to complete an Out of District application form before registering at a Prairie Rose school – unless you are registering for a Junior Kindergarten program.

✔️ Apply to attend a Prairie Rose School: Out of District Application Form

Once completed, you must receive approval by the school principal before proceeding with your school registration.

New Students - Academy Programs (flight and hockey)

Any student applying to be part of the DR South Alberta Flight Academy or the South Alberta Hockey Academy must complete the Academy Application Form. 

✔️ Apply to attend the South Alberta Hockey Academy or the South Alberta Flight Academy: Academy Application

Note: If you are applying to an academy program AND do not live inside the Prairie Rose attendance boundary, please complete the academy application followed by the Out of District application form.