Home Plus Learning Network

Home Plus Learning Network is a home education, learning from home and shared responsibility program that allows parents to customize their child's home learning experience. Unlike other home education programs, Home Plus Learning Network provides flexibility for parents who want to educate their child at home, but may wish to benefit from resources offered through public schools such as in-person classes for specific subjects, online instruction, tutoring from certified teachers, socialization opportunities, school resources, field trips, counseling services, athletics, school events, and much more. If you are looking for a home education program to fit your needs, please contact our Home Plus Learning Network principal to find out how we can work with you to support your child's education.

Home Plus Learning Network supports and values parental choice in education.

Home Plus Learning Network supports and values parental choice in education. We believe that parents know their child best, and we support parental desire to continue to foster their child’s education at home. At Home Plus Learning Network, we work collaboratively with parents. As a supportive network, we always begin by asking parents if there is anything that we can do to enhance the education experience that they are providing or arranging for their children. Our goal is to assist parents with providing the richest learning experiences for their children. Home Plus Learning Network is an innovative approach offering parents the utmost flexibility with their child’s education by partnering with local schools within Prairie Rose Public Schools. We offer the following: ○ Traditional home education programs supported by Alberta Education with an allocation of $850 for parents to purchase desired resources. ○ Access to some facilities and events within local schools; this could include field trips, use of school libraries and participation in school events/assemblies. ○ Shared responsibility programs for families who would like to access the expertise of a subject specific teacher including specialized programming such as CTF/CTS courses, fine arts, physical fitness/wellness opportunities, and/or hockey/flight/art academies that are provided within a Prairie Rose school. ○ Access to teacher expertise through synchronous video lessons and tutoring opportunities. ○ As a program within Prairie Rose Public Schools, Home Plus has access to gyms and/or other school facilities through coordinated Home Plus events and/or workshops. ○ For families who do not live within the boundaries of Prairie Rose Public Schools, we are a willing non-resident board who will support traditional home education programs and can also provide shared responsibility programs by offering Prairie Rose Public Schools teacher expertise through on-line learning platforms.