Nomination Eligibility

To be eligible for nominations to the position of school trustee you must:

  1. Be eligible to vote in this election, which includes:
    • Be at least 18 years of age as of October 18, 2021
    • Be a Canadian citizen
  2. Have been a resident of the local jurisdiction and ward for a six (6) consecutive month period immediately preceding nomination day,
  3. Not be otherwise ineligible or disqualified.

A person is NOT eligible to be nominated as a candidate if on Nomination Day the person is:

  1. Employed by a school division, a charter school or a private school in the province of Alberta unless the person is on a leave of absence* granted under Section 22(1.1), (5–5.1) and (6) of the Local Authorities Election Act,
  2. An auditor for the Prairie Rose School Division,
  3. Otherwise disqualified (i.e. Section 87 of the Education Act).

* An employee who wishes to be nominated as a candidate for election as a school board trustee must apply to his or her employer for a leave of absence without pay, on or after July 1st in the year of an election but before the persons last working day prior to nomination day. The employer shall grant every application it receives for this purpose.

Trustee Nomination Process

Only an elector who is a resident of the same ward for which the candidate is being nominated may sign the nomination papers for a candidate. Individuals signing the nomination form must also meet the requirements of an elector, i.e.:

(a)    be 18 years of age or older as of October 18, 2021,
(b)    be a Canadian citizen,
(c)    be a resident of Alberta and the ward on the date of signing the nomination form.

The nomination form MUST be signed by at least five electors eligible to vote in this election and a resident in the ward on the date of signing. It is therefore imperative that the nominations form be completed correctly and with due care in order not to create any concerns from other candidates.

In addition to the nomination form, a candidate must also file Form 5 – Candidate Information. If there are any changes to the information required on Form 5, the candidate shall notify the school division in writing within 48 hours after the change. The school division will update the information accordingly.


Withdrawal of Nomination

A candidate may, only if more nominations are received than there are vacancies, withdraw his or her name as a candidate by advising the Returning Officer, in person and writing, within twenty-four (24) hours of the close of nominations (12:00 Noon on Tuesday, September 21, 2021).