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Home Education Resources and Links

  1. Alberta Home Education Handbook
  2. Alberta Home Education Regulation

Printing Services: If you have large printing packages for your homeschool materials, Prairie Rose can assist you with this. We are able to support you on a strict cost recovery basis, as per the chart below.

  1. Paper Costs: $0.008/sheet or $3.90 for 500 sheets
  2. Printing Costs
    1. Colour: $0.073 - 800 sheets = $58.40
    2. Black and White: $0.0069
  3. Total Costs (paper and printing)
    1. Colour: $0.081/sheet
    2. Black and White: $0.015/sheet

Curriculum Resources

  1. Solaro is a study help and exam preparation tool for students in grades 3 to 12. Thousands of practice test questions are available and students receive instant feedback in the form of step-by-step solutions for each question. A full set of lessons are also available which cover core concepts and feature an integrated study note and flash card system. All content in Solaro is based on the Alberta curriculum.   This is available through most public libraries in Alberta. Link: Soloro Resources