PRPS School Re-Entry Plan

Return from winter break update

On Monday, January 10, 2022, students and staff will return to in-person learning following the extended winter break. As part of this return to the classroom, the Alberta Government has announced several changes to the previously released K-12 guidance documents for schools. While several sections of the document have stayed the same (cleaning procedures, hand washing, sanitization, cohorting, etc.) there have been significant changes related to contact tracing and notification of COVID-19 cases in schools, as well as the stay at home and isolation requirements for those who experience illness symptoms. In addition, the province will begin distributing medical masks and home testing kits to schools the week of January 10th for parent and staff use. 

The information that follows outlines the changes in more detail. Please take the time to read our updated plan and changes to the Student Illness/Adult Illness guides so you are familiar with the new expectations and processes that will be implemented across all Prairie Rose schools starting the week of January 10th. 

(Updated January 9, 2022): PRPS School Re-Entry Plan

(Updated January 9, 2022): Student Illness Guide - Staying Home When Sick

(Updated January 9, 2022): Adult Illness Guide - Staying Home When Sick

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